Chores & Errands

Sometimes the work around the house can become too much to keep up with. InTouch at Home staff will help keep your house neat and tidy and even help run errands when you don't have time or energy to do it.

Senior care resident making chore list.

  • Preparing home cooked meals
  • Light housekeeping and organizing
  • Grocery shopping and checking the refrigerator
  • Paying bills and keeping up with paperwork
  • Running errands and household chores

Simple changes can often make your home a safer place.  Whether it is re-arranging the furniture for a better flow, making sure wires are not run under an area rug or even re-arranging the cabinets for easier access, we've found little changes can make all the difference towards maintaining your independence and peace of mind.  At InTouch at Home, our Care Coordinators can complete a 50-point inspection to help you evaluate your home. 

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